"Anything for The King is my rationale." "Everything for The King, that's how i do things."

Luke 9:23 is the mantra. i fail alot of times.
but it shows me how much more i need Christ...

Philippians 1:27. Romans 1:16. Romans 13:14

Love YeLLow. Love Grapes. hence the name. :)

i hope to point others to the light

rap-a-holic. laugh-a-holic.

give people their roses while they are still alive :)
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I asked an old man: “Which is more important? To love or to be loved?”

The old man replied: “Which is more important to a bird? The left wing or the right wing?

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yepp. this is a rant. 

my future dreams of one-day having the title ‘Dr.’ scare me. and for a sec i thought that was kind of a good thing. like i’ll work and push hard for something i have always wanted to be and then finally have it. 

now im on the other side of ‘fear.’ i’m most likely going to be going to medical school outside of Canada/US. and i’m just worried about what happens after that. what if i’m unable to get into residency in the US? i mean yeah Canada is pretty much next to impossible to get into from outside, and even more so if you don’t have permanent residence. the US has better prospects. but even that ‘better’, some dey inside.

about 50% (or lower) of non-US/CDN international medical graduates (IMGs) get into residency programs in the US. if i don’t end up as part of this 50%, then if i successfully complete my MD degree four years from now, it’s going to mean nada. zilch. rien. why? because an MD degree is soaked-tissue-paper-waiting-to-be-thrown-in-the-bin without residency. why would i want to go through 4 hard years to have an MD simply for decorative purposes? 

i don’t even know if it’s possible to get into residency in ghana if i don’t go to medical school in gh. at this point it’s prob late to consider this as an option. 

am i going to regret my choice in 4 years?  

i wish i had the brains to do something like business or economics or something. my undergrad would have been different and maybe i’d be a bit less clueless & worried about the future as i am atm. 



As someone who wants to study the human consciousness I found this very interesting.

Scott Routley was a “vegetable”. A car accident seriously injured both sides of his brain, and for 12 years, he was completely unresponsive.

Unable to speak or track people with his eyes, it seemed that Routley was unaware of his surroundings, and doctors assumed he was lost in limbo. They were wrong.

In 2012, Professor Adrian Owen decided to run tests on comatose patients like Scott Routley. Curious if some “vegetables” were actually conscious, Owen put Routley in an fMRI and told him to imagine walking through his home. Suddenly, the brain scan showed activity. Routley not only heard Owen, he was responding.

Next, the two worked out a code. Owen asked a series of “yes or no” questions, and if the answer was “yes,” Routley thought about walking around his house. If the answer was “no,” Routley thought about playing tennis.

These different actions showed activity different parts of the brain. Owen started off with easy questions like, “Is the sky blue?” However, they changed medical science when Owen asked, “Are you in pain?” and Routley answered, “No.” It was the first time a comatose patient with serious brain damage had let doctors know about his condition.

While Scott Routley is still trapped in his body, he finally has a way to reach out to the people around him. This finding has huge implications.


How awesome is this! :-D!!

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Meet Your Photographer: Lawrence Agyei

"Every portrait is an opportunity to connect more deeply with the person you are shooting. I truly enjoy shooting portraits because the possibilities are so endless. The range of human emotion is there just waiting to be captured and I love how even the same emotions can look different depending on the person or surroundings." - Lawrence

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What is ‘African themed’?

Ivorian? Zulu? Ashanti? Wolof? Yoruba? Cape Verdean? Zambian? Igbo? Egyptian? African cultures of the diaspora or the cultures of people with African heritage across the globe? Maasai?Swazi? Eritrean? Zimbabwean? Malagasy? Angolan?

Oh you mean like a safari? Oh right.

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Kings Kaleidoscope,


What Have We Done? - King’s Kaleidoscope

Oh my soul, Oh my Jesus
Judas sold you for thirty
I’d have done it for less
Oh my soul, Oh my Savior
Peter denied you three times
I have denied you more


Space, guys… SPACE!!!!

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Toyin Oyeneye, Seun Kobina & Ayo Morafa

T.I. Nathan Bespoke by Designer Temitayo Nathan Illesanmi 

'Solace' Collection - Spring/ Summer 14

Photography: Tope Horpload

Gosh such gloriously handsome men. WHERE ARE YOU ALL HIDING?? WHERE I ASK WHERE???


Mom: Home in 5 minutes, hope you’ve taken the chicken out of the freezer

Me: image

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