"Anything for The King is my rationale." "Everything for The King, that's how i do things."

Luke 9:23 is the mantra. i fail alot of times.
but it shows me how much more i need Christ...

Philippians 1:27. Romans 1:16. Romans 13:14

Love YeLLow. Love Grapes. hence the name. :)

i hope to point others to the light

rap-a-holic. laugh-a-holic.

give people their roses while they are still alive :)
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If the man does not live differently from what he did before…his repentance needs to be repented of
Charles Spurgeon (via justcallmebishop)

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Everyone is tempted. You are not uniquely weird or weak for struggling with lust. The answer you are looking for is not to summon up superhuman strength so you can power through it head on, but looking for smart strategy to get out. In 1 Corinthians 10:13, Paul says that God will provide a way out, not a way over. It is easy to romanticize the idea of ‘conquering lust’ once and for all, but that is not the way it actually works.
from the August BridgeBox Bible Study (via thebridgechicago)

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Last weekend my little sister Ohemaa and i went downtown Toronto. She had slept over at her friends place in a last minute decision and i was downtown to go for a boat cruise with two friends sight925 and abeautifulxchange

When the night was up and it was time to go home, i asked her to meet me at one of the subway stations so we could ride up to union instead of me going down to where she was and then both of us coming up right back to where i was before leaving. I’m all about conserving my energy and not wasting my walking.

At some point i called her friend N to ask if she had left and she told me that my sister had left about 5 minutes ago. On google maps the trip from her location on Front Street to mine at King Station was a 5 minute ride. So i say to myself, ‘she should be here in about two minutes, but lets make it 5 mins.”

All this time i’m sitting in Starbucks charging my perpetually dying phone. I look at every single darn car that passes by and hoping one of the cabs are gonna pull over and i’ll see my sister climb out of it.

Another 5 minutes pass and still no sighting of her! I call N again, to ask if Ohemaa had just left when i first called or if she had actually left 5 mins prior to my calling. N said it was the latter.

I step outside so that if her cab is coming by, maybe she can see me and know where to ask the driver to stop. Although i already messaged her on viber to tell her im at the starbucks at king’s station and the intersection is Yonge street & King Street east. I strongly believe that there isn’t much room here for getting the location wrong.

At this point, im beginning to worry cause man i see too many posters/pics of missing people. I had even read one for a girl that had gone missing that day or the day before. I’m wondering of my sister is okay. Her phone is a US line and she cut her service for the couple of months she would be in ghana and canada for the summer. I guess she learned her lesson from her previous bill her last break in canada, but right now, i wish she hadn’t because there’s no way for me to reach her when there’s no wifi. Im mad at myself for not going to meet her and coming back up to King station with her. Im wondering if i’m going to have to call my mum in the near future and tell her that her daughter is missing. Im sporadically praying to God to keep my sister for me. Some tears fall down my face.

I sit down for a bit and hope the darkness is hiding the worry on my face and try to remain calm. After like 3 mins i get up and walk round the corner to see if there’s another entrance to King Station. im a google maps connoisseur, but far from a toronto expert. I walk down a bit but i see no other entrance and then i return to Starbucks. In my mind, by the time i return, this girl should be there. No.

How long ahh can it take a cab to transport a human being from point A to B which should be 5 mins in light traffic? Ebei!

I stand infront of Starbucks, and i ask a guy taking a smoke if he know of any other way to enter King Station other than the entrance by Starbucks. I cant remember the answer he gives me to be honest. He asks if I’m waiting for someone and i tell him my sister was supposed to meet me there but she hasn’t shown up. He says i shouldn’t worry, that she will. I tell him it shouldn’t have taken more than 5 mins via cab and it’s been over 20. I thank him anyway and begin to move.

Then i see her coming from across the street. I hug her and tell her i was so worried. She wipes the drying tears on my cheeks. The taxi driver dropped her of on King Street & a different road. When she asked for directions, someone told her to walk down three lights or three blocks or so.

As we head home, i laugh at myself.

I’m so glad and grateful that this is how it ended.

soli Deo gloria.


"If we have food and clothing, we will be content with that."
1 Timothy

Thank you God for providing my every need. You’re teaching me to trust you more. You’re pouring out your love.

"Not only that, we rejoice in our sufferings…"
Romans 5:3

Thank you God for stripping me of all false securities so I rely totally on you.

Oh to be sanctified and made holy through the fire, so we may be a step closer to Glory…

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A thousand times yes

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samedi. 🚤 & 🍴 with @geeeayy and @solaafidee

And the rest of us are not treated like human beings. Period.(x)

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When one prize is stripped away, we can graciously be reminded of how little we have apart from Christ and the fortune he’s purchased for us with his blood. He has become for us wisdom for the foolish, righteousness for sinners, sanctification for the broken, and redemption for the lost and afraid (1 Corinthians 1:30) — and affection and security and identity for the lonely man or woman…So…we have reason to boast, as long as our boast is in everything Christ is for us (1 Corinthians 1:31).